1996 World Champion
1996 World Champion
Cost: Mana WMana UMana BMana RMana G
CMC: 5
Card Type: Legendary CreatureHuman Wizard
Power/Toughness: */*
Oracle Text: Shroud

1996 World Champion's power and toughness are equal to target opponent's life total.

Mana 0: Discard your hand and search your library for a card named 1996 World Champion and reveal it to all players. Shuffle your library and place 1996 World Champion on top of it. Use this ability only during your upkeep and only if 1996 World Champion is in your library.

Flavor Text: It takes great sacrifice to make it to the top


1996 World Champion is tied with Shichifukujin Dragon as the rarest Magic the Gathering card in the world.

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