In the Shards of Alara block, Asha is the archangel of the Alara shard, Bant. However, before Alara's Sundering, Asha battled with the great demon Malfegor. Asha was defeated by Malfegor, and caused so much imbalance on Alara that it caused the Sundering of Alara, Alara's split into the Five Shards.

The Prayer of Asha

The "Prayer of Asha" is commonly referred to on many Shards of Alara block cards, mostly cards referring to the Shard of Bant. It is a very long prayer, and it usually takes a few minutes to recite. In the Shards of Alara block novel, Alara Unbroken, many Bant soldiers recite it before battling the forces of Esper.

The Sword of Asha

The powerful weapon that Asha used to battle Malfegor with was a sword that had the power to destroy any demon or zombie. The sword was seperated into many pieces following her death. The pieces were hidden under twelve trees at a famous location on Bant. It wasn't known that they truly existed until the Rhox knight Mubin dug them up after the Conflux. The sword was then repaired to it's former whole, and the legendary knight Rafiq of the Many used the sword to destroy Malfegor.

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