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Atogs are small, imp-like creatures that grow by feeding on various things to gain the necessary nutrition to grow. In the game, this ability is symbolized by the sacrifice of a resource to give the creature a temporary boost in power/toughness.

The original Atog was much maligned when first released, due to his ability requiring an artifact being sacrificed. After a few years its ability as an effective creature was noticed. The blue, turn-eating Chronatog was used as a combo piece in Stasis decks, while the Blue/Black Psychatog (which eats both cards in a player's hand and cards previously played) dominated tournament scenes with its inclusion in slow control decks.

The word 'Atog' is an anagram of 'Goat', and the atog is a parody of a goat's tendency to eat whatever it comes across. Some say that the name actually originates from a contraction of "Artifact to graveyard", but this may be a Backronym.

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エイトグ Eitogu

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