Azoria is a plane.


It was a small plane within the Shard of the Twelve Worlds where Tevesh Szat and Freyalise fought after the Summit of the Null Moon. Not much is known of it, except that the main planet is covered by a large sea with chains of arid islands appearing sporadically, and no humans yet existed on the plane. All of the islands were destroyed by Freyalise in order to cut Szat's blue mana supplies, and as a result, Freyalise also killed off all of Azoria's native creatures. However, her efforts still failed to thwart Tevesh Szat's plans, instead leaving him a large source of black mana.

Planes of the Multiverse

Kaladesh‎Kaldheim‎‎Kamigawa‎‎Kephalai‎‎Lorwyn (Shadowmoor)

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