Battle for Zendikar is the 68th Magic: The Gathering expansion and the 1st set in the Battle For Zendikar block.

It was released on October 2, 2015 and included 274 cards.

The official expansion code is BFZ.


The story follows the battle between Gideon Jura and a group of planeswalkers against Ulamog and his Eldrazi minions.

Intro Packs


054Adverse ConditionsInstant U
138Akoum FirebirdCreature33M
139Akoum HellkiteCreature44R
140Akoum StonewakerCreature21U
222Aligned Hedron NetworkArtifact R
228Ally EncampmentLand R
103Altar's ReapInstant C
018Angel of RenewalCreature44U
208Angelic CaptainCreature43R
019Angelic GiftEnchantment C
069AnticipateInstant C
001Bane of Bala GedCreature75U
127Barrage TyrantCreature53R
170Beastcaller SavantCreature11R
141Belligerent WhiptailCreature42C
055Benthic InfiltratorCreature14C
002Blight HerderCreature45R
229Blighted CataractLand U
230Blighted FenLand U
231Blighted GorgeLand U
232Blighted SteppeLand U
233Blighted WoodlandLand U
104Bloodbond VampireCreature33U
142Boiling EarthSorcery C
105Bone SplintersSorcery C
003Breaker of ArmiesCreature108U
070Brilliant SpectrumSorcery C
209Bring to LightSorcery R
199Brood ButcherCreature33R
164Brood MonitorCreature33U
171Broodhunter WurmCreature43C
200Brutal ExpulsionInstant R
165Call the ScionsSorcery C
234Canopy VistaLand R
106Carrier ThrallCreature21U
201Catacomb SifterCreature23U
143Chasm GuideCreature32U
235Cinder GladeLand R
020Cliffside LookoutCreature11C
071Cloud MantaCreature32C
072Clutch of CurrentsSorcery C
073Coastal DiscoverySorcery U
090Complete DisregardInstant C
004Conduit of RuinCreature55R
074Coralhelm GuideCreature21C
021Courier GriffinCreature23C
128Crumble to DustSorcery U
056Cryptic CruiserCreature33U
091Culling DroneCreature22C
075Dampening PulseEnchantment U
005Deathless BehemothCreature66U
107Defiant BloodlordCreature45R
108Demon's GraspSorcery C
006Desolation TwinCreature1010R
076DispelInstant C
092Dominator DroneCreature32C
144Dragonmaster OutcastCreature11M
109Drana, Liberator of MalakirLegendary Creature23M
210Drana's EmissaryCreature22U
057Drowner of HopeCreature55R
202Dust StalkerCreature53R
110Dutiful ReturnSorcery C
172Earthen ArmsSorcery C
007Eldrazi DevastatorCreature89C
058Eldrazi SkyspawnerCreature21C
022Emeria ShepherdCreature44R
023Encircling FissureInstant U
008Endless OneCreature00R
236Evolving WildsLand C
077Exert InfluenceSorcery R
024Expedition EnvoyCreature21U
166Eyeless WatcherCreature11C
203Fathom FeederCreature11R
025Felidar CubCreature22C
026Felidar SovereignCreature46R
237Fertile ThicketLand C
145Firemantle MageCreature22U
204Forerunner of SlaughterCreature32U
270ForestBasic Land L
270ForestBasic Land L
271ForestBasic Land L
271ForestBasic Land L
272ForestBasic Land L
272ForestBasic Land L
273ForestBasic Land L
273ForestBasic Land L
274ForestBasic Land L
274ForestBasic Land L
027Fortified RampartCreature06C
167From BeyondEnchantment R
111Geyserfield StalkerCreature32C
028Ghostly SentinelCreature33C
173Giant MantisCreature24C
029Gideon, Ally of ZendikarPlaneswalker 4M
030Gideon's ReproachInstant C
146Goblin War PaintEnchantment C
093Grave BirthingInstant C
174Greenwarden of MurasaCreature54M
094Grip of DesolationInstant U
211Grove RumblerCreature33U
212Grovetender DruidsCreature33U
009Gruesome SlaughterSorcery R
078Guardian of TazeemCreature45R
112Guul Draz OverseerCreature34R
113Hagra SharpshooterCreature22U
079Halimar TidecallerCreature23U
223Hedron ArchiveArtifact U
224Hedron BladeArtifact C
205Herald of KozilekCreature24U
031Hero of Goma FadaCreature43R
059Horribly AwryInstant U
060Incubator DroneCreature23C
175Infuse with the ElementsInstant U
032Inspired ChargeInstant C
255IslandBasic Land L
255IslandBasic Land L
256IslandBasic Land L
256IslandBasic Land L
257IslandBasic Land L
257IslandBasic Land L
258IslandBasic Land L
258IslandBasic Land L
259IslandBasic Land L
259IslandBasic Land L
176Jaddi OffshootCreature03U
114Kalastria HealerCreature12C
115Kalastria NightwatchCreature45C
213Kiora, Master of the DepthsPlaneswalker 4M
033Kitesail ScoutCreature11C
034Kor BladewhirlCreature22U
035Kor CastigatorCreature31C
036Kor EntanglersCreature34U
010Kozilek's ChannelerCreature44C
129Kozilek's SentinelCreature14C
037Lantern ScoutCreature32R
147Lavastep RaiderCreature12C
177Lifespring DruidCreature21C
038Lithomancer's FocusInstant C
238Looming SpiresLand C
239Lumbering FallsLand R
039Makindi PatrolCreature23C
148Makindi SliderunnerCreature21C
116Malakir FamiliarCreature21U
214March from the TombSorcery R
095Mind RakerCreature33C
117Mire's MaliceSorcery C
061Mist IntruderCreature12C
130Molten NurseryEnchantment U
240Mortuary MireLand C
265MountainBasic Land L
265MountainBasic Land L
266MountainBasic Land L
266MountainBasic Land L
267MountainBasic Land L
267MountainBasic Land L
268MountainBasic Land L
268MountainBasic Land L
269MountainBasic Land L
269MountainBasic Land L
215Munda, Ambush LeaderLegendary Creature34R
178Murasa RangerCreature33U
062Murk StriderCreature32C
179Natural ConnectionInstant C
131Nettle DroneCreature31C
118Nirkana AssassinCreature23C
180Nissa's RenewalSorcery R
216Noyan Dar, Roil ShaperLegendary Creature44R
119Ob Nixilis ReignitedPlaneswalker 5M
011Oblivion SowerCreature58M
217Omnath, Locus of RageLegendary Creature55M
149Ondu ChampionCreature43C
040Ondu GreathornCreature23C
041Ondu RisingSorcery U
063Oracle of DustCreature35C
181Oran-Rief HydraCreature55R
182Oran-Rief InvokerCreature22C
150OutnumberInstant C
120Painful TruthsSorcery R
080Part the WaterveilSorcery M
225Pathway ArrowsArtifact U
226Pilgrim's EyeArtifact Creature11U
250PlainsBasic Land L
250PlainsBasic Land L
251PlainsBasic Land L
251PlainsBasic Land L
252PlainsBasic Land L
252PlainsBasic Land L
253PlainsBasic Land L
253PlainsBasic Land L
254PlainsBasic Land L
254PlainsBasic Land L
042Planar OutburstSorcery R
183Plated CrusherCreature76U
184PlummetInstant C
241Prairie StreamLand R
081Prism ArrayEnchantment R
132Processor AssaultSorcery U
043Quarantine FieldEnchantment M
151Radiant FlamesSorcery R
152Reckless CohortCreature22C
185Reclaiming VinesSorcery C
218Resolute BlademasterCreature22U
082Retreat to CoralhelmEnchantment U
044Retreat to EmeriaEnchantment U
121Retreat to HagraEnchantment U
186Retreat to KazanduEnchantment U
153Retreat to ValakutEnchantment U
122Rising MiasmaSorcery U
219Roil SpoutSorcery U
083Roilmage's TrickInstant C
045Roil's RetributionInstant U
154Rolling ThunderSorcery U
187Rot ShamblerCreature11U
012Ruin ProcessorCreature78C
064Ruination GuideCreature32U
123Ruinous PathSorcery R
084Rush of IceSorcery C
065Salvage DroneCreature11C
242Sanctum of UginLand R
243Sandstone BridgeLand C
085Scatter to the WindsInstant R
013Scour from ExistenceInstant C
188Scythe LeopardCreature11U
189Seek the WildsSorcery C
046Serene StewardCreature22U
133Serpentine SpikeSorcery R
047Shadow GliderCreature22C
244Shambling VentLand R
155Shatterskull RecruitCreature44C
048Sheer DropSorcery C
245Shrine of the Forsaken GodsLand R
096Silent SkimmerCreature04C
206Sire of StagnationCreature57M
246Skyline CascadeLand C
220Skyrider ElfCreature00U
227Slab HammerArtifact U
098Sludge CrawlerCreature11C
049Smite the MonstrousInstant C
247Smoldering MarshLand R
099Smothering AbominationCreature43R
190Snapping GnarlidCreature22C
248Spawning BedLand U
066Spell ShrivelInstant C
050Stasis SnareEnchantment U
051Stone Haven MedicCreature13C
156StonefuryInstant C
249Sunken HollowLand R
157Sure StrikeInstant C
260SwampBasic Land L
260SwampBasic Land L
261SwampBasic Land L
261SwampBasic Land L
262SwampBasic Land L
262SwampBasic Land L
263SwampBasic Land L
263SwampBasic Land L
264SwampBasic Land L
264SwampBasic Land L
100Swarm SurgeSorcery C
191Swell of GrowthInstant C
192Sylvan ScryingSorcery U
193Tajuru BeastmasterCreature55C
194Tajuru StalwartCreature01C
195Tajuru WarcallerCreature21U
052Tandem TacticsInstant C
196Territorial BalothCreature44C
067Tide DrifterCreature05U
086Tightening CoilsEnchantment C
014Titan's PresenceInstant U
134Touch of the VoidSorcery C
101Transgress the MindSorcery U
158Tunneling GeopedeCreature32U
135Turn AgainstInstant U
087Ugin's InsightSorcery R
015Ulamog, the Ceaseless HungerLegendary Creature1010M
016Ulamog's DespoilerCreature55U
207Ulamog's NullifierCreature23U
068Ulamog's ReclaimerCreature25U
197Undergrowth ChampionCreature22M
053Unified FrontSorcery U
168Unnatural AggressionInstant C
159Valakut InvokerCreature23C
160Valakut PredatorCreature22C
124Vampiric RitesEnchantment U
136Vestige of EmrakulCreature34C
221Veteran WarleaderCreature**R
137Vile AggregateCreature*5U
169Void AttendantCreature23U
017Void WinnowerCreature119M
161Volcanic UpheavalInstant C
125Voracious NullCreature22C
102Wasteland StranglerCreature32R
088Wave-Wing ElementalCreature34C
089Windrider PatrolCreature43U
198Woodland WandererCreature22R
162Zada, Hedron GrinderLegendary Creature33R
126Zulaport CutthroatCreature11U
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