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Black Lotus 1E

Name: Black Lotus
Cost: 0
Card Type: Artifact
Rules Text (Oracle): Mana Tap , Sacrifice Black Lotus: Add three mana of any one color to your mana pool.
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Black Lotus is the Leading member of the Power Nine. It is considered one of, if not the best, card in the game. It is the ultimate in Mana Acceleration. Any format that it is legal in, it is a must for any deck. It acts as a super-charged land card. It is the rarest and most valuable card in the game.

Variations of this cardEdit

Variations are those cards that are extremely similar to this one, in name/effect/cost.

Lion's Eye Diamond - Artifact (Cost: 0 - Must discard entire hand to get mana)

Lotus Bloom - Artifact (Cost: 0 - Suspend 3; otherwise the same as Black Lotus)

Lotus Vale - Land (Cost: sacrifice two untapped land; adds 3 of any color mana, re-usable effect)

Gilded Lotus - Artifact (Cost: 5; adds 3 of any color mana, re-usable effect)

Minor variationsEdit

Minor variations are those cards whose effect is more of a shadow of this card, than being a direct variation.

Mox Opal - (Cost 0; add 1 of any mana of any color, but has Metalcraft, requiring three other artifacts)

Mox Diamond - (Cost 0, discard a land; add 1 mana of any color; re-usable effect)

Lotus Petal - (Same as Black Lotus, but only provides 1 mana of any color)

Lotus Blossom - (Cost: 2; Charges, then sacrifice for X mana of any one color)

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