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Bone Splinters

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Bone Splinters
Bone Splinters BFZ
Battle for Zendikar Common Shards of Alara Common Avacyn Restored Common 
Cost: Mana B
CMC: 1
Card Type: Sorcery
Oracle Text: As an additional cost to play Bone Splinters, sacrifice a creature.

Destroy target creature.

Flavor Text: Battle for Zendikar Common : Vastly outnumbered, the Zendikari found creative ways to even the odds.

Shards of Alara Common : Witches of the Split-Eye Coven speak of a future when Grixis will overflow with life energy. For now, they must harvest vis from the living to fuel their dark magics.

Avacyn Restored Common : "Which do you deserve, the heft of a femur or the graceful sharpness of a forearm? Decisions, decisions . . ."
—Gisa the Mad

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