The Choice-Cycle is a rather peculiar Cycle of cards in Invasion. While the majority of cycles have cards that share a particular mechanic or are similar costed with one card in each color and usually the same rarity, the choice cycle breaks almost all of those rules. However, all of the cards in the Choice-Cycle include the mechanic in which one player separates a group of cards in two piles and the other player chooses what will happen with the cards in each pile. They are also similarly named with a phrase of two words separated by the word "or" signifying a decision.


Related cards

Due to Fact or Fiction becoming a tournament staple, the mechanic of separating piles and having the other player choose each pile's fate has been reused a couple of times:

  • While falling into the same naming scheme and also having a cost of 3C, Feast or Famine does not feature the pile mechanic.
  • Gifts Ungiven has a similar mechanic to Fact or Fiction as well as being of the same cost and an instant. However, it should be noted that the choice cycle makes it possible to group multiple copies of the same card together and also gives the possibility to have piles of variable size.
  • Truth or Tale is quite a clear homage to Fact or Fiction from the homage-filled Time Spiral Set.

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