Clash is a keyword action.


A card effect which causes the player and a target opponent to both reveal the top card of their libraries. Which ever player reveals the card with the higher converted mana cost (sum total of all mana required for the spell regardless of color) is considered to have won. In the case of a tie, neither play fills the victory conditions, thus neither player wins. Both players may then return the revealed card to the top of their libraries or may put the card on the bottom.

Comprehensive Rules

701.20. Clash

  • 701.20a To clash, a player reveals the top card of his or her library. That player may then put that card on the bottom of his or her library.
  • 701.20b “Clash with an opponent” means “Choose an opponent. You and that opponent each clash.”
  • 701.20c A player wins a clash if that player revealed a card with a higher converted mana cost than all other cards revealed in that clash.
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