These are the goings-on in both the world of Magic and within the wiki. Current events are sorted newest first. Old events will eventually get archived.

Lorwyn is out!

Name says it all. Not quite out yet on MTGO, however.

Lorwyn is coming soon!

Check the official site to see exactly when at what events will be held for your region! Harness the power of the Planeswalkers as you explore this new world!

Magic Game Day!

Hello everyone! Magic Game Day for 10th Edition is just around the corner! It will be held July 14th at participating locations (generally anywhere that hosts FNM). The format is Sealed Deck, so you'll be getting 5 Tenth Edition boosters to build a 40+ card deck. Good luck! Oh yeah, and you'll get an awesome promo Reya Dawnbringer just for showing up. Visit the official page for more details (you will have to change your location if you live outside of North America to get region-specific details for you).

Future Sight has been released!

In case you've been living under a rock for the past few days, the newest expansion and the conclusion of the Time Spiral Block, Future Sight has been released! This new set consists of 180 cards, and has some nice new frames for their "futureshifted" cards.

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