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Glassdust Hulk
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What is cycling?

Cycling does not seem like one of the most impressive abilities at first, but it is often very useful. Here's how cycling works:

If you have, for example, a Glassdust Hulk in your hand, you may pay one white mana or one blue mana to cycle it. (Not all cycle cards have this mana cost.) Then you move the card from your hand to your graveyard, commonly known as discarding. Then you draw a card. Simply, cycling replaces the cycled card for a new card. If you can't cast the card with the cycle ability, you may pay the low cycle cost to exchange the card for the first card in your deck. This is very effective when you are low on land, as the cycle ability, which costs very little mana, is often attached to cards requiring large amounts of mana to be put into play. In this example, if you can't cast the high mana Glassdust Hulk, just cycle it for one white or blue mana and hope to get land or a lower mana card.


List of all MTG Cycling cards

List of Cards Edit

Card name Set Rarity Cost Power Toughness
Glassdust Hulk
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