Demolish KLD
Kaladesh Common Theros Common Zendikar Common Odyssey Uncommon Tenth Edition Common Ninth Edition Uncommon Eighth Edition Uncommon 
Cost: Mana 3Mana R
CMC: 4
Card Type: Sorcery
Oracle Text: Destroy target artifact or land.
Flavor Text: Odyssey Uncommon , Eighth Edition Uncommon , Ninth Edition Uncommon , Tenth Edition Common : "Pound the steel until it fits. Doesn't work? Bash to bits."
—Dwarven forging song

Zendikar Common : This is why I hate settlements. They lull you into a false sense of security.

Theros Common : "When fire is shackled to candle and torch, subjected to insignificance, it finds a way to lash out at its masters."
—Vala, disciple of Purphoros

Kaladesh Common : Most came to Ghirapur for the Fair. Gremlins came for the feast.

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