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The Metal Shard

Esper Charm

Esper Charm

Esper is a place of thought, wisdom, artifacts, and planning. It is a world without green or red mana. Vedalken and Sphinxes rule here.

In Esper, instinct is the last thing that creatures want. Sphinxes invent the most devilish riddles, while Vedalken and Wizards study and create. The interesting thing about Esper is that everything is made of filigree metal known as "Etherium". Because red and green mana do not exist in Esper, there is no wildness in Esper. Everything is well thought out and strictly almost perfect.

In Esper, the artificers create many machines, ranging from birds to golems. Drakes circle the skies, while still humbled by the power of Sphinxes, who dominate and protect Esper.

Brilliant Ultimatum

Brilliant Ultimatum

Gargoyles and wizards are the warriors of Esper, as well as the Sphinxes. Under the control of the Mages and Vedalken, they are ready to defend against any attack.

Esper floods with black, blue, and white mana. Blue-white is most common, but black-blue is not that far behind. The main color of Esper is Blue, the color of patience and thinking, which is why Esper is so serious of a place.

Esper's planeswalker, Tezzeret, is very powerful and curious. He works very well with artifacts and is always wondering what secrets are hidden in Esper's most guarded and secret places.

Master of Etherium

Master of Etherium

Game Correlation

In Esper, there are no main keywords, but all the cards are artifacts. Many cards get better if there are other artifacts on the battlefield under your control or even in the graveyard. Take Master of Etherium for an example. It's P/T is equal to the number of artifacts you control and other artifact creatures you control get +1/+1. There are many other cards like this, like Windwright Mage, Faerie Mechanist, and Sanctum Gargoyle. If I have two Master of Etheriums, then all my artifact creatures get +2/+2! Although not all of Esper's artifacts are that good and combo with artifacts like that, many have to do with artifacts and all are artifacts, so if you have a lot of artifacts, then you should definitely make an artifact or Esper deck, because there are so many combos that you can make with them. I consider that artifacts are a lot of fun to play with because of all the cards that go super well with artifacts.

The Conflux

Zealous Persecution

Zealous Persecution

When the Conflux happened, red and green mana flooded into Esper. Because of these wild colors, the wizards and vedalken became corrupted and Esper began to fall apart. The sphinxes could not stop this. Flesh creatures entered Esper and mixed with the creatures made of etherium. The vedalken, who had fallen short of etherium, freaked out and went crazy. Esper's borders continued to smash into Bant and Grixis until it became part of the new Alara.

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