Fifth Dawn is the third set of the Mirrodin block. It is the 32nd expansion of Magic: The Gathering.

The official expansion code is 5DN.


Fifth Dawn was released on June 4, 2004 and has 165 cards. Those 165 cards contained 55 commons, 55 uncommons and 55 rares.

The symbol of Fifth Dawn is a small symbolized version of the Helm of Kaldra.



No. Name Type P T CMC Rarity
001Abuna's ChantInstant Fifth Dawn Common
002 Armed ResponseInstant Fifth Dawn Common
003 Auriok ChampionCreature11 Fifth Dawn Rare
004 Auriok SalvagersCreature24 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
005 Auriok WindwalkerCreature23 Fifth Dawn Rare
006 Beacon of ImmortalityInstant Fifth Dawn Rare
007 Bringer of the White DawnCreature55 Fifth Dawn Rare
008 Circle of Protection: ArtifactsEnchantment Fifth Dawn Uncommon
009 Leonin SquireCreature22 Fifth Dawn Common
010 Loxodon AnchoriteCreature23 Fifth Dawn Common
011 Loxodon StalwartCreature33 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
012 Raksha Golden CubCreature34 Fifth Dawn Rare
013 RetaliateInstant Fifth Dawn Rare
014 Roar of ReclamationSorcery Fifth Dawn Rare
015 Skyhunter ProwlerCreature13 Fifth Dawn Common
016 Skyhunter SkirmisherCreature11 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
017 Stand FirmInstant Fifth Dawn Common
018 Stasis CocoonEnchantment Fifth Dawn Common
019 Steelshaper's GiftSorcery Fifth Dawn Uncommon
020 VanquishInstant Fifth Dawn Uncommon
021 AcquireSorcery Fifth Dawn Rare
022 Advanced HoverguardCreature22 Fifth Dawn Common
023 Artificer's IntuitionEnchantment Fifth Dawn Rare
024 Beacon of TomorrowsInstant Fifth Dawn Rare
025 Blinkmoth InfusionInstant Fifth Dawn Rare
026 Bringer of the Blue DawnCreature55 Fifth Dawn Rare
027 CondescendInstant Fifth Dawn Common
028 Disruption AuraEnchantment Fifth Dawn Uncommon
029 Early FrostInstant Fifth Dawn Common
030 Eyes of the WatcherEnchantment Fifth Dawn Uncommon
031 Fold into AetherInstant Fifth Dawn Uncommon
032 Hoverguard SweepersCreature56 Fifth Dawn Rare
033 Into Thin AirInstant Fifth Dawn Common
034 Plasma ElementalCreature41 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
035 Qumulox‎Creature54 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
036 Serum VisionsSorcery Fifth Dawn Common
037 Spectral ShiftInstant Fifth Dawn Rare
038 Thought CourierCreature11 Fifth Dawn Common
039 Trinket MageCreature22 Fifth Dawn Common
040 Vedalken MastermindCreature12 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
041 Beacon of UnrestInstant Fifth Dawn Rare
042 Blind CreeperCreature33 Fifth Dawn Common
043 Bringer of the Black DawnCreature55 Fifth Dawn Rare
044 Cackling ImpCreature22 Fifth Dawn Common
045 Desecration ElementalCreature88 Fifth Dawn Rare
046 Devour in ShadowInstant Fifth Dawn Uncommon
047 Dross CrocodileCreature51 Fifth Dawn Common
048 Ebon DrakeCreature33 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
049 Endless WhispersEnchantment Fifth Dawn Rare
050 Fill with FrightSorcery Fifth Dawn Common
051 FleshgrafterCreature22 Fifth Dawn Common
052 Lose HopeInstant Fifth Dawn Common
053 Mephidross VampireCreature34 Fifth Dawn Rare
054 Moriok RiggerCreature22 Fifth Dawn Rare
055 Night's WhisperSorcery Fifth Dawn Uncommon
056 Nim GrotesqueCreature36 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
057 Plunge into DarknessInstant Fifth Dawn Rare
058 Relentless RatsCreature22 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
059 Shattered DreamsSorcery Fifth Dawn Uncommon
060 Vicious BetrayalSorcery Fifth Dawn Common
061 Beacon of DestructionInstant Fifth Dawn Rare
062 Bringer of the Red DawnCreature55 Fifth Dawn Rare
063 Cosmic LarvaCreature76 Fifth Dawn Rare
064 Feedback BoltInstant Fifth Dawn Uncommon
065 Furnace WhelpCreature22 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
066 Goblin BrawlerCreature22 Fifth Dawn Common
067 GranulateSorcery Fifth Dawn Rare
068 Ion StormEnchantment Fifth Dawn Rare
069 Iron-Barb HellionCreature54 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
070 Krark-Clan EngineersCreature22 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
071 Krark-Clan OgreCreature33 Fifth Dawn Common
072 Magma GiantCreature55 Fifth Dawn Rare
073 Magma JetInstant Fifth Dawn Uncommon
074 Magnetic TheftInstant Fifth Dawn Uncommon
075 Mana GeyserSorcery Fifth Dawn Common
076 Rain of RustInstant Fifth Dawn Common
077 Reversal of FortuneSorcery Fifth Dawn Rare
078 Screaming FurySorcery Fifth Dawn Common
079 Spark ElementalCreature31 Fifth Dawn Common
080 Vulshok SorcererCreature11 Fifth Dawn Common
081 All Suns' DawnSorcery Fifth Dawn Rare
082 Beacon of CreationSorcery Fifth Dawn Rare
083 Bringer of the Green DawnCreature55 Fifth Dawn Rare
084 Channel the SunsSorcery Fifth Dawn Uncommon
085 Dawn's ReflectionEnchantment Fifth Dawn Common
086 Eternal WitnessCreature21 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
087 Fangren PathcutterCreature46 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
088 Ferocious ChargeInstant Fifth Dawn Common
089 Joiner AdeptCreature21 Fifth Dawn Rare
090 Ouphe VandalsCreature22 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
091 Rite of PassageEnchantment Fifth Dawn Rare
092 Rude AwakeningSorcery Fifth Dawn Rare
093 Sylvok ExplorerCreature11 Fifth Dawn Common
094 Tangle AspCreature12 Fifth Dawn Common
095 Tel-Jilad JusticeInstant Fifth Dawn Uncommon
096 Tel-Jilad LifebreatherCreature32 Fifth Dawn Common
097 Tornado ElementalCreature66 Fifth Dawn Rare
098 TyrranaxCreature54 Fifth Dawn Common
099 Viridian LorebearersCreature33 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
100 Viridian ScoutCreature12 Fifth Dawn Common
101 Anodet LurkerArtifact Creature00 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
102 ArachnoidArtifact Creature26 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
103 Arcbound WandererArtifact Creature00 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
104 Avarice TotemArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
105 Baton of CourageArtifact Fifth Dawn Common
106 Battered GolemArtifact Creature32 Fifth Dawn Common
107 Blasting StationArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
108 Chimeric CoilsArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
109 Clearwater GobletArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
110 Clock of OmensArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
111 Composite GolemArtifact Creature44 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
112 Conjurer's BaubleArtifact Fifth Dawn Common
113 Cranial PlatingArtifact Fifth Dawn Common
114 Crucible of WorldsArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
115 Door to NothingnessArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
116 Doubling CubeArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
117 Energy ChamberArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
118 Engineered ExplosivesArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
119 Ensouled ScimitarArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
120 Eon HubArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
121 Etched OracleArtifact Creature00 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
122 FerropedeArtifact Creature11 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
123 Fist of SunsArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
124 Gemstone ArrayArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
125 Goblin CannonArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
126 Grafted WargearArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
127 Grinding StationArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
128 Guardian IdolArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
129 Healer's HeaddressArtifact Fifth Dawn Common
130 HeliophialArtifact Fifth Dawn Common
131 Helm of KaldraArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
132 Horned HelmArtifact Fifth Dawn Common
133 Infused ArrowsArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
134 Krark-Clan IronworksArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
135 Lantern of InsightArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
136 Lunar AvengerCreature22 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
137 Mycosynth GolemArtifact Creature45 Fifth Dawn Rare
138 Myr QuadropodArtifact Creature14 Fifth Dawn Common
139 Myr ServitorArtifact Creature11 Fifth Dawn Common
140 Neurok StealthsuitArtifact Fifth Dawn Common
141 Opaline BracersArtifact Fifth Dawn Common
142 Paradise MantleArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
143 Pentad PrismArtifact Fifth Dawn Common
144 Possessed PortalArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
145 Razorgrass ScreenArtifact Creature21 Fifth Dawn Common
146 Razormane MasticoreArtifact Creature55 Fifth Dawn Rare
147 Relic BarrierArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
148 Salvaging StationArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
149 Sawtooth ThresherArtifact Creature11 Fifth Dawn Common
150 Silent ArbiterArtifact Creature15 Fifth Dawn Rare
151 SkullcageArtifact Fifth Dawn Uncommon
152 Skyreach MantaArtifact Creature00 Fifth Dawn Common
153 SolarionArtifact Creature00 Fifth Dawn Rare
154 Sparring CollarArtifact Fifth Dawn Common
155 Spinal ParasiteArtifact Creature-1-1 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
156 Staff of DominationArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
157 Summoner's EggArtifact Creature04 Fifth Dawn Rare
158 Summoning StationArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
159 SuncrusherArtifact Creature33 Fifth Dawn Rare
160 Suntouched MyrArtifact Creature00 Fifth Dawn Common
161 Synod CenturionArtifact Creature44 Fifth Dawn Uncommon
162 Thermal NavigatorArtifact Creature22 Fifth Dawn Common
163 Vedalken OrreryArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
164 Vedalken ShacklesArtifact Fifth Dawn Rare
165 Wayfarer's BaubleArtifact Fifth Dawn Common
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