Griffin Sentinel M14

Last Used: Evergreen
Type: Evasion
Introduced: [[]]
Category for Flying

Flying is an evergreen keyword ability.


A creature with flying cannot be blocked except by other creatures with either flying or reach. Creatures with flying can block other creatures with or without flying.


Aaron is attacking with a Griffin Sentinel. Ned controls a Canyon Minotaur, a Giant Spider and a Nephalia Seakite. When Ned goes to block Aaron's Griffin he may block it with either the Spider, as it has reach, or the Seakite, as it also has flying, but he cannot block with the Minotaur.

Comprehensive Rules

702.9. Flying

  • 702.9a. Flying is an evasion ability.
  • 702.9b. A creature with flying can't be blocked except by creatures with flying and/or reach. A creature with flying can block a creature with or without flying.
  • 702.9c. Multiple instances of flying on the same creature are redundant.
Evergreen Keywords
DeathtouchDefenderDouble StrikeEnchantEquip
First StrikeFlashFlyingHasteHexproofIndestructible

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