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From the Vault: Exiled is the second set in the From the Vault series.


Where the first re-released fifteen of the most popular Dragons of all time, the second addresses a much different set of fifteen: fifteen cards that were banned, then returned to play.


  • 15 Premium foil cards, including 8 with new art
  • An exclusive spindown life counter
  • A collector’s guide
  • Each card has been printed using a foil process unique to the “From the Vault” series.
  • The 15 cards are all printed in the current card frame – for several, it is for the first time.
  • 8 cards have new artwork commissioned from artists including Rebecca Guay, John Avon, and Randy Gallegos.
  • From the Vault: Exiled will be available world-wide in English only, and will have an extremely limited print run.
  • All cards are black-bordered and tournament legal. This means that these cards are legal for use in any tournaments where the original printings are still legal.

Set info

Product Concept and Development Team: Mark Rosewater, Tom LaPille, Mark Purvis

Release Date: August 28, 2009

MSRP: $34.99

From the Vault

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