Future Sight
Future Sight ONS
Onslaught Rare 
Cost: Mana 2Mana UMana UMana U
CMC: 5
Card Type: Enchantment
Oracle Text: Play with the top card of your library revealed.

You may play the top card of your library.

Flavor Text: "My past holds only pain and loss. I will conquer it by creating the perfect future."
Ixidor, reality sculptor
5/1/2007 The top card of your library isn’t in your hand, so you can’t suspend it, cycle it, discard it, or activate any of its activated abilities.
5/1/2007 If the top card of your library is a land, you can play it if you could play a land.
5/1/2007 If the top card of your library has morph, you can cast that card face down for {3}. However, all players will have seen which card it is before the spell is cast.
5/1/2007 As soon as you finish playing the card on top of your library, reveal the next card in your library.
5/1/2007 If the top card of your library changes while you’re casting a spell or activating an ability, the new top card won’t be revealed until you finish casting that spell or activating that ability.
This card shares the same name as a set. (set's page)

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