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Gaddock Teeg

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Gaddock Teeg
Gaddock Teeg LRW
Lorwyn Rare 
Cost: Mana GMana W
CMC: 2
Card Type: Legendary CreatureKithkin Advisor
Power/Toughness: 2/2
Oracle Text: Noncreature spells with converted mana cost 4 or greater can't be played.

Noncreature spells with X in their mana costs can't be played.

Flavor Text: So great is his wisdom and spirit that many who have met him say that they stood before a giant of a man and talked to the wisest of the four winds.
10/1/2007 If one half of a split card has a converted mana cost of 3 or less and doesn’t have an Mana X in its mana cost, Gaddock Teeg lets you cast that half.

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