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The Guilds are a group of people from the city and plane of Ravnica.

There are ten guilds in all, 1 for each combination of 2 colors of mana.

They feature throughout the Ravnica Block and the Return to Ravnica block.

List of Guilds

Guild: Colors: Symbol:
BorosRed / White Mana RMana W Boros Logo
DimirBlack / Blue Mana BMana U Dimir Logo
SelesnyaGreen / White Mana GMana W Selesnya Logo
GolgariBlack / Green Mana BMana G Golgari Logo
IzzetBlue / Red Mana UMana R Izzet Logo
GruulRed / Green Mana RMana G Gruul Logo
OrzhovWhite / Black Mana WMana B Orzhov Logo
SimicBlue / Green Mana UMana G Simic Logo
RakdosBlack / Red Mana BMana R Rakdos Logo
AzoriusWhite / Blue Mana WMana U Azorius Logo
Guilds of Ravnica
Azorius Azorius Logo Dimir Dimir Logo Rakdos Rakdos Logo Gruul Gruul Logo Selesnya Selesnya Logo
Orzhov Orzhov Logo Izzet Izzet Logo Golgari Golgari Logo Boros Boros Logo Simic Simic Logo

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