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There are ten guilds in all, 1 for each 2-color combination.

They appear in the Ravnica Block and the Return to Ravnica block.

List of GuildsEdit

Guild: Colors:
BorosRed / White Mana RMana W
DimirBlack / Blue Mana BMana U
SelesnyaGreen / White Mana GMana W
GolgariBlack / Green Mana BMana G
IzzetRed / Blue Mana RMana U
GruulRed / Green Mana RMana G
OrzhovWhite / Black Mana WMana B
SimicBlue / Green Mana UMana G
RakdosBlack / Red Mana BMana R
AzoriusWhite / Blue Mana WMana U
Guilds of Ravnica

Azorius Wu Dimir Ub Rakdos Br Gruul Rg Selesnya Gw
Orzhov Wb Izzet Ur Golgari Bg Boros Rw Simic Gu

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