Hallowed Burial
Hallowed Burial EVE
Eventide Rare 
Cost: Mana 3Mana WMana W
CMC: 5
Card Type: Sorcery
Oracle Text: Put all creatures on the bottom of their owners' libraries.
Flavor Text: "I'd rather hear the screams of battle than the quiet that follows."
—Talara, elvish safewright
8/1/2008 All creatures leave the battlefield simultaneously. They’re not destroyed; they’re just put on the bottom of their owners’ libraries. This includes token creatures, though they’ll cease to exist as soon as Hallowed Burial finishes resolving.
8/1/2008 Each player chooses the relative order of the cards he or she is putting on the bottom of his or her library, regardless of who controlled them while they were on the battlefield. Players don’t reveal this order to other players.

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