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How to use a Planeswalker

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This article will be about how to use a normal one-sided planeswalker

A brief overview... What is a Planeswalker?Edit

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Every planeswalker is a permanent. When it comes into play, it comes into play with a certain amount of loyalty counters. The amount is specified at the bottom-right corner where the power and toughness usually are. With a few exceptions, each planeswalker has three abilities. Planeswalkers fill a similar role to players within a game. If you control a source that would deal damage to a player, you may instead elect to have that damage inflicted to a planeswalker that player controls. You cannot target a planeswalker directly with damage, but instead must target the player, and note that you are redirecting the damage to a specific planeswalker that player controls at the time the damage would be dealt.

How do I use it?Edit

A planeswalker has three abilities, as demonstrated by Liliana Vess on your right. Each one of these abilities has a positive or negative number next to it

On the bottom right, where you would normally find your power /life statistic, you have one number. That is the number of loyalty counters on it

When you control a planeswalker out on the field, you may use one ability every turn. When you choose an ability, the number next to it is added/subtracted from its loyalty counters You should always remember to make sure the number of loyalty counters does not go down to zero or less, or else your planeswalker will die. 

What happens if somebody attacks my Planeswalker?Edit

Another way to think of a planeswalker is as another player that you control. However, those player's options are limited to the three abilities on the card. The Planeswalker also has a life total , like any other player would (Number on the bottom right). That life total can increase by using the (+) abilities, and decrease with the (-) abilities.

One way for the opponent to eliminate your planeswalker is to attack it. You can block your planeswalker with other creatures you have out on the field. Anything you do not block is directed at your Planeswalker . The damage your Planeswalker recieves is subtracted from that life total. If the life total reaches zero, your Planeswalker is effectively dead

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