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Hydras are large multi-headed creatures from mythology. In Magic: the Gathering, they are rare monsters much like other large and powerful creatures such as the Leviathans, Dragons, and Wurms.


Hydras normally have very low power and toughness, in fact some begin with stats as low as 0/0. Hydras make up for this, however, with +1/+1 Counters on them. These counters are usually caused by an X in their costs. Many believe that the creature Progenitus is the most powerful creature that exists, because it has protection from everything , making it almost unkillable by nearly anything, also it has a massive attack and toughness (10/10) and will return to the deck when send to the graveyard. However, bringing it to the game is also nearly impossible because it needs 2 mana from each color.

  • Many hydras start with X counters and you can't add them, like Apocalypse Hydra.
  • Many others can add counters like Feral Hydra.
  • Red and artifact hydras deal damage in place of +1/+1 counters, such as Clockwork Hydra.

Hydras are some of the most devastating powers in Magic because they have no set limits and are as big as you make them. Some Hydras also have devastating abilities such as the Khalni Hydra, or the Hydra Omnivore.

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