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Reason: repeat of Invasion block


Number of Cards: 350

Storyline: The invasion has begun and Gerrard and the crew of the Weatherlight must defend the plane. Urza and Barrin with the Methran establish another front.


  • Kicker - Cards with kicker had an optional cost in addition to the card's casting cost. Paying this additional cost would activate an additional ability or effect on the card.
  • Domain - Cards that have an effect based on the number of basic land types the casting player controlled.
  • Split cards - Literally two cards printed on one, Split cards had two different effects for different costs. As they were played, their controller chose which half to use.


Number of Cards: 143


Gerrard and his Crew continue to defend the plane even as the tides turn against them. Urza has his fellow Planeswalkers suit up in his new creations.


  • Gating - When a creature with gating comes into play, its controller must return a creature he or she controls to its owner's hand. Cards with this disability cost less to make up for it. Many combos were created with gating creatures where cards had an ability played when they came into play.
  • Familiars - A cycle of creatures that reduced the cost of allied-colored spells you play.


Number of Cards: 143


With the death of Hanna, Gerrard and Urza battle for the fate of their world as the invasion goes worse for the valiant fighters.


  • Split Cards
  • Dual Color Pain Lands

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