He lived in Dominaria during the events after the destruction of Cabal City involving the First, Kamahl and Chainer.

Ixidor made his living as a pit fighter in the colosseum of the Cabal alongside his beloved Nivea, a talented summoner. Ixidor and Nivea lived this life betting on each other in the pits with the hopes of earning enough money to quit their career as pit fighters. As powerful as they were, they wouldn't see their dream fulfilled, as Nivea was killed in a fight at the hands of Phage the Untouchable.

Weak, physically and mentally, and with no money to pay his debts, Ixidor was cast to the desert, abandoning all hope of life. Ixidor in fact died in the desert, but then his body was inhabited by the spirit of the Numena Llowalyn, an ancient spirit of Dominaria. With renewed strength and the power to bend reality, Ixidor started to craft his perfect world, using his artistic gifts as a way to create a new realm from his imagination.

One of such creations was Akroma, a white angel with the face of his deceased Nivea. Remembering during a dream the root of all his suffering, Ixidor bent himself to one purpose: the destruction of Phage the Untouchable.

Akroma would try to help Ixidor in this task multiple times, but would fail to finish off Phage thanks to the intervention of Kamahl, now a druid of the Krosan forest.

Later Ixidor faced Phage's army, casting an unlimited amount of illusions and finally a devastating horde of massive, uncontrollable deathwurms. Faced with the consequences of such a reckless act, Ixidor vanished into a pocket dimension. Kamahl of Krosa convinced him to return. Ixidor was now fully aware of Llowalyn and joined his two brother Numena, Kuberr and Averru, in an attempt to take Karona's magic for themselves. When that failed, Ixidor advised Kamahl in how to destroy Karona, thus helping in the birth of the planeswalker Jeska. Ixidor and the other Numena were killed in the duel. Some of Ixidor's spawn yet walk over Dominaria.

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