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Kaladesh is the 72nd Magic: The Gathering expansion and the 1st set in the Kaladesh block.

It was released on September 30, 2016 (Magic Online: October 10, 2016).

The official expansion code is KLD.

Mechanics & Themes

Planeswalker Decks



No. Name Rarity
191Accomplished AutomatonKaladesh Common
001Acrobatic ManeuverKaladesh Common
002Aerial ResponderKaladesh Uncommon
242Aether HubKaladesh Uncommon
036Aether MeltdownKaladesh Uncommon
037Aether TheoristKaladesh Common
038Aether TradewindsKaladesh Common
071Aetherborn MarauderKaladesh Uncommon
192Aetherflux ReservoirKaladesh Rare
039Aethersquall AncientKaladesh Rare
003Aetherstorm RocKaladesh Rare
106Aethertorch RenegadeKaladesh Uncommon
193Aetherworks MarvelKaladesh Mythic Rare
072Ambitious AetherbornKaladesh Common
004Angel of InventionKaladesh Mythic Rare
194Animation ModuleKaladesh Rare
141Appetite for the UnnaturalKaladesh Common
195Aradara ExpressKaladesh Common
142Arborback StomperKaladesh Uncommon
143Architect of the UntamedKaladesh Rare
144Armorcraft JudgeKaladesh Uncommon
145Attune with AetherKaladesh Common
005Authority of the ConsulsKaladesh Rare
006Aviary MechanicKaladesh Common
196Ballista ChargerKaladesh Uncommon
197Bastion MastodonKaladesh Common
243Blooming MarshKaladesh Rare
146Blossoming DefenseKaladesh Uncommon
198Bomat Bazaar BargeKaladesh Uncommon
199Bomat CourierKaladesh Rare
244Botanical SanctumKaladesh Rare
107Brazen ScourgeKaladesh Uncommon
147Bristling HydraKaladesh Rare
007Built to LastKaladesh Common
108Built to SmashKaladesh Common
008Captured by the ConsulateKaladesh Rare
009Cataclysmic GearhulkKaladesh Mythic Rare
109Cathartic ReunionKaladesh Common
040Ceremonious RejectionKaladesh Uncommon
265Chandra, PyrogeniusKaladesh Mythic Rare
110Chandra, Torch of DefianceKaladesh Mythic Rare
111Chandra's PyrohelixKaladesh Common
200Chief of the FoundryKaladesh Uncommon
176CloudblazerKaladesh Uncommon
201Cogworker's PuzzleknotKaladesh Common
112Combustible GearhulkKaladesh Mythic Rare
148Commencement of FestivitiesKaladesh Common
245Concealed CourtyardKaladesh Rare
041Confiscation CoupKaladesh Rare
202Consulate SkygateKaladesh Common
010Consulate SurveillanceKaladesh Uncommon
011Consul's ShieldguardKaladesh Uncommon
177Contraband KingpinKaladesh Uncommon
149Cowl ProwlerKaladesh Common
150Creeping MoldKaladesh Uncommon
151Cultivator of BladesKaladesh Rare
203Cultivator's CaravanKaladesh Rare
042Curio VendorKaladesh Common
204Deadlock TrapKaladesh Rare
205Decoction ModuleKaladesh Uncommon
113DemolishKaladesh Common
206Demolition StomperKaladesh Uncommon
073Demon of Dark SchemesKaladesh Mythic Rare
178Depala, Pilot ExemplarKaladesh Rare
074Dhund OperativeKaladesh Common
075Diabolic TutorKaladesh Uncommon
076Die YoungKaladesh Common
043Disappearing ActKaladesh Uncommon
179Dovin BaanKaladesh Mythic Rare
044Dramatic ReversalKaladesh Common
152Dubious ChallengeKaladesh Rare
207Dukhara PeafowlKaladesh Common
077Dukhara ScavengerKaladesh Common
153Durable HandicraftKaladesh Uncommon
208Dynavolt TowerKaladesh Rare
209Eager ConstructKaladesh Common
012Eddytrail HawkKaladesh Common
210Electrostatic PummelerKaladesh Rare
154Elegant EdgecraftersKaladesh Uncommon
078Eliminate the CompetitionKaladesh Rare
079Embraal BruiserKaladesh Uncommon
180Empyreal VoyagerKaladesh Uncommon
181Engineered MightKaladesh Uncommon
045Era of InnovationKaladesh Uncommon
080Essence ExtractionKaladesh Uncommon
046Experimental AviatorKaladesh Uncommon
211Fabrication ModuleKaladesh Uncommon
047Failed InspectionKaladesh Common
155Fairgrounds TrumpeterKaladesh Uncommon
013Fairgrounds WardenKaladesh Uncommon
114Fateful ShowdownKaladesh Rare
212Filigree FamiliarKaladesh Uncommon
213Fireforger's PuzzleknotKaladesh Common
266Flame LashKaladesh Common
214Fleetwheel CruiserKaladesh Rare
262ForestBasic Land
263ForestBasic Land
264ForestBasic Land
081Fortuitous FindKaladesh Common
215Foundry InspectorKaladesh Uncommon
082Foundry ScreecherKaladesh Common
014FragmentizeKaladesh Common
083Fretwork ColonyKaladesh Uncommon
015FumigateKaladesh Rare
115Furious ReprisalKaladesh Uncommon
048Gearseeker SerpentKaladesh Common
016Gearshift AceKaladesh Uncommon
156Ghirapur GuideKaladesh Uncommon
216Ghirapur OrreryKaladesh Rare
116Giant SpectacleKaladesh Common
217Glassblower's PuzzleknotKaladesh Common
049Glimmer of GeniusKaladesh Uncommon
050Glint-Nest CraneKaladesh Uncommon
017Glint-Sleeve ArtisanKaladesh Common
084Gonti, Lord of LuxuryKaladesh Rare
271Guardian of the Great ConduitKaladesh Uncommon
117Harnessed LightningKaladesh Uncommon
085Harsh ScrutinyKaladesh Uncommon
182Hazardous ConditionsKaladesh Uncommon
018Herald of the FairKaladesh Common
157Highspire ArtisanKaladesh Common
051Hightide HermitKaladesh Common
118HijackKaladesh Common
158Hunt the WeakKaladesh Common
019Impeccable TimingKaladesh Common
119Incendiary SabotageKaladesh Uncommon
052Insidious WillKaladesh Rare
020Inspired ChargeKaladesh Common
246Inspiring VantageKaladesh Rare
120Inventor's ApprenticeKaladesh Uncommon
247Inventors' FairKaladesh Rare
218Inventor's GogglesKaladesh Common
219Iron League SteedKaladesh Uncommon
253IslandBasic Land
254IslandBasic Land
255IslandBasic Land
053Janjeet SentryKaladesh Uncommon
183Kambal, Consul of AllocationKaladesh Rare
220Key to the CityKaladesh Rare
159Kujar SeedsculptorKaladesh Common
160Larger Than LifeKaladesh Common
121Lathnu HellionKaladesh Rare
086Lawless BrokerKaladesh Common
267Liberating CombustionKaladesh Rare
087Live FastKaladesh Common
054Long-Finned SkywhaleKaladesh Uncommon
161Longtusk CubKaladesh Uncommon
088Lost LegacyKaladesh Rare
122Madcap ExperimentKaladesh Rare
089Make ObsoleteKaladesh Uncommon
055MalfunctionKaladesh Common
090Marionette MasterKaladesh Rare
021Master TrinketeerKaladesh Rare
123Maulfist DoorbusterKaladesh Uncommon
091Maulfist SquadKaladesh Common
056Metallurgic SummoningsKaladesh Mythic Rare
221Metalspinner's PuzzleknotKaladesh Common
222Metalwork ColossusKaladesh Rare
092Midnight OilKaladesh Rare
093Mind RotKaladesh Common
057Minister of InquiriesKaladesh Uncommon
094Morbid CuriosityKaladesh Uncommon
259MountainBasic Land
260MountainBasic Land
261MountainBasic Land
223Multiform WonderKaladesh Rare
224Narnam CobraKaladesh Common
162Nature's WayKaladesh Uncommon
095Night Market LookoutKaladesh Common
058Nimble InnovatorKaladesh Common
022Ninth Bridge PatrolKaladesh Common
270Nissa, Nature's ArtisanKaladesh Mythic Rare
163Nissa, Vital ForceKaladesh Mythic Rare
096Noxious GearhulkKaladesh Mythic Rare
164Ornamental CourageKaladesh Common
097Ovalchase DaredevilKaladesh Uncommon
225Ovalchase DragsterKaladesh Uncommon
165Oviya Pashiri, Sage LifecrafterKaladesh Rare
059Padeem, Consul of InnovationKaladesh Rare
226PanharmoniconKaladesh Rare
060Paradoxical OutcomeKaladesh Rare
166Peema OutriderKaladesh Common
227Perpetual TimepieceKaladesh Uncommon
124Pia NalaarKaladesh Rare
250PlainsBasic Land
251PlainsBasic Land
252PlainsBasic Land
098Prakhata Club SecurityKaladesh Common
228Prakhata Pillar-BugKaladesh Common
023Pressure PointKaladesh Common
024Propeller PioneerKaladesh Common
229Prophetic PrismKaladesh Common
125Quicksmith GeniusKaladesh Uncommon
184Rashmi, Eternities CrafterKaladesh Mythic Rare
126Reckless FireweaverKaladesh Common
025RefurbishKaladesh Uncommon
268Renegade FirebrandKaladesh Uncommon
230Renegade FreighterKaladesh Common
127Renegade TacticsKaladesh Common
185Restoration GearsmithKaladesh Uncommon
026Revoke PrivilegesKaladesh Common
061Revolutionary RebuffKaladesh Common
167Riparian TigerKaladesh Common
128Ruinous GremlinKaladesh Common
099Rush of VitalityKaladesh Common
168Sage of Shaila's ClaimKaladesh Common
186Saheeli RaiKaladesh Mythic Rare
062Saheeli's ArtistryKaladesh Rare
129Salivating GremlinsKaladesh Common
231Scrapheap ScroungerKaladesh Rare
063Select for InspectionKaladesh Common
232Self-AssemblerKaladesh Common
248Sequestered StashKaladesh Uncommon
169Servant of the ConduitKaladesh Uncommon
027Servo ExhibitionKaladesh Uncommon
064Shrewd NegotiationKaladesh Uncommon
233Sky SkiffKaladesh Common
130Skyship StalkerKaladesh Rare
234Skysovereign, Consul FlagshipKaladesh Mythic Rare
028Skyswirl HarrierKaladesh Common
029Skywhaler's ShotKaladesh Uncommon
235Smuggler's CopterKaladesh Rare
236Snare ThopterKaladesh Uncommon
131Spark of CreativityKaladesh Uncommon
132Speedway FanaticKaladesh Uncommon
249Spirebluff CanalKaladesh Rare
133Spireside InfiltratorKaladesh Common
134Spontaneous ArtistKaladesh Common
135Start Your EnginesKaladesh Uncommon
269Stone QuarryKaladesh Common
100Subtle StrikeKaladesh Common
256SwampBasic Land
257SwampBasic Land
258SwampBasic Land
101Syndicate TraffickerKaladesh Rare
170Take DownKaladesh Common
030Tasseled DromedaryKaladesh Common
272Terrain ElementalKaladesh Common
136Territorial GorgerKaladesh Rare
137Terror of the FairgroundsKaladesh Common
065Tezzeret's AmbitionKaladesh Common
138Thriving GrubsKaladesh Common
031Thriving IbexKaladesh Common
102Thriving RatsKaladesh Common
171Thriving RhinoKaladesh Common
066Thriving TurtleKaladesh Common
103Tidy ConclusionKaladesh Common
032Toolcraft ExemplarKaladesh Rare
237Torch GauntletKaladesh Common
067Torrential GearhulkKaladesh Mythic Rare
033Trusty CompanionKaladesh Uncommon
104Underhanded DesignsKaladesh Uncommon
187Unlicensed DisintegrationKaladesh Uncommon
068Vedalken BlademasterKaladesh Common
273Verdant CrescendoKaladesh Rare
172Verdurous GearhulkKaladesh Mythic Rare
188Veteran MotoristKaladesh Uncommon
034Visionary AugmenterKaladesh Uncommon
189Voltaic BrawlerKaladesh Uncommon
139Wayward GiantKaladesh Common
105Weaponcraft EnthusiastKaladesh Uncommon
238Weldfast MonitorKaladesh Common
069Weldfast WingsmithKaladesh Common
140Welding SparksKaladesh Common
190Whirler VirtuosoKaladesh Uncommon
239WhirlermakerKaladesh Uncommon
173Wild WandererKaladesh Common
174Wildest DreamsKaladesh Rare
175Wily BandarKaladesh Common
070Wind DrakeKaladesh Common
035Wispweaver AngelKaladesh Uncommon
274Woodland StreamKaladesh Common
240Woodweaver's PuzzleknotKaladesh Common
241Workshop AssistantKaladesh Common


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