Kami are the spiritual inhabitants of Kamigawa. They come in an overwhelming variety of forms, even among the same "species" of kami, and their brand of magic is mysterious and beyond anything mortals have conceived.

In the game, their magic is of the Arcane sub-tybe, which only appears in the Kamigawa block.

The Oni

The Oni are the corrupt kami who are embodiments of suffering and wickedness. They are worshipped by the ogres, which is shown thematically, where most of Kamigawa's ogres have a drawback of some kind unless you control a demon, and the oni themselves sometimes punish you for not having ogres.

The Shinen

The Shinen are a small cycle of weaker Kami that have channel abilities.

The Patrons

The Patrons are the Kami that are each linked to one of the non-human races of Kamigawa other than ogres.

The "Maro"

Called the Maro by players because of the ending of each one's name. This cycle of Kami works best when you have a lot of cards in your hand. Oddly enough, some of them have human descendants.

The Myojin

The Myojin are the most powerful kami in all of Kamigawa (besides the O-Kagachi) each embodying one of the five colors of mana.


O-Kagachi was the mightiest of the kami on Kamigawa. It was the Kami of the Barrier that divided the physical world from the spirit world. Enraged by the theft of its scion, That Which Was Taken, it began the Kami War.

In the end, he was defeated in combat by his daughter Kyodai and Michiko Konda, who both took on the responsibility of caring for the border between the two worlds.

While not having an actual creature card, the O-Kagachi did appear on the card Final Judgment.

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