A Keyword ability is a word or words that substitute for a piece of rules text. Many keywords are summarized in reminder text, especially in core sets.

Each keyword ability is instead explained in detail in section 702 of the Comprehensive Rules.

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List of Keyword Abilities



Comprehensive Rules

702. Keyword Abilities

  • 702.1. Most abilities describe exactly what they do in the card’s rules text. Some, though, are very common or would require too much space to define on the card. In these cases, the object lists only the name of the ability as a “keyword”; sometimes reminder text summarizes the game rule.
Keyword ActionKeyword AbilitiesAbility Words

Evergreen Keywords
DeathtouchDefenderDouble StrikeEnchantEquip
First StrikeFlashFlyingHasteHexproofIndestructible

Other Keywords
AbsorbAffinityAmplifyAnnihilatorAura SwapAwakenBandingBattle CryBestowBloodthirst
BushidoBuybackCascadeChampionChangelingCipherConspireConvokeCumulative Upkeep
GravestormHauntHidden AgendaHideawayHorsemanshipInfectIngestIntimidateKicker
LandhomeLandwalkLevel UpLiving WeaponMadnessMegamorphMiracleModularMorph
ShroudSoulbondSoulshiftSpliceSplit SecondStormSubstanceSunburstSurgeSuspend
Totem ArmorTransfigureTransmuteTributeUndyingUnearthUnleashVanishingWither

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