Large monsters that developed during Dominaria's Ice Age, Lhurgoyf are monstrous scavengers. They possess two specialized fangs developed for pulling corpses from the ground. They lay incredibly hard eggs, which are mistaken for gemstones by unfortunate travelers.

The flavor text on the original Lhurgoyf is infamous in magic lore, spawning not only a reference on Revenant's flavor text, but also a short story explaining the flavor text in the Monsters of Magic anthology and its own card in Magic's second humor expansion, Unhinged, as well as one of the quote's speaker in Time Spiral.


The Lhurgoyf creature card, depicted with its iconic flavour text.

A Lhurgoyf's power and toughnesses are directly proportional to the amount of a certain type of card in each player's graveyard, such as creature cards for the original Lhurgoyf. The sole exception is Detritivore, which counted only nonbasic land cards in the opponent's graveyard. Some made themselves to be incredibly powerful, such as Magnivore and Tarmogoyf, and others like the aforementioned Detritivore saw virtually no play at all.

Lhurgoyfu are not a very numerous creature type, existing mostly in Odyssey and still only having 5 in that set. Only 8 exist throughout the entire game as of Future Sight.

In other languages

Language or script Title Romanization
Fr flag
De flag
It flag
Pt flag Br flag
Es flag
Ru flag
Люргойф Lyurgojf
(GOST 2002)
Ja flag
ルアゴイフ Ruagoifu
Simplified Chinese
Cn flag
拉高耶夫 Lāgāoyēfū
Traditional Chinese
Tw flag
拉高耶夫 Lāgāoyēfū
Laa1 gou1 je4 fu1

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