Licid is a creature type.


Symbiotic creatures found in Tempest block, Licids may be natural creatures or twisted versions of a Dominarian species; they've changed too much to be sure. Like some species of beetle, the Licids are capable of snapping their bodies to jump several times their own body length to land on a host organism. When latched on, the Licid's legs dissolve into the host and the two creatures bond together. While the Licid is latched on to a host, the host either gains attributes of the Licid or is hindered by it. When Licids leave their host they leap off, leaving no physical trace.

Licids are among the most confusing types of cards, rules wise. This is due to the fact that to symbolize their symbiotic nature, they become Auras, and you can pay to detach them.

In other languages

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リシド Rishido

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