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Child of Night M14

Child of Night

Lifelink is an evergreen keyword ability.


It is a static ability that modifies the result of damage. When a creature with lifelink deals damage, the controller of that creature also gains an amount of life equal to the amount of damage dealt in addition to dealing the damage as normal.


Abdul attacks Naomi with a Child of Night and Naomi declares no blocks. When Child of Night deals combat damage to Naomi, rather than just deal 2 damage, Abdul also gains 2 life.

Comprehensive Rules

702.15. Lifelink

  • 702.15a. Lifelink is a static ability.
  • 702.15b. Damage dealt by a source with lifelink causes that source's controller, or its owner if it has no controller, to gain that much life (in addition to any other results that damage causes).
  • 702.15c. If a permanent leaves the battlefield before an effect causes it to deal damage, its last known information is used to determine whether it had lifelink.
  • 702.15d. The lifelink rules function no matter what zone an object with lifelink deals damage from.
  • 702.15e. Multiple instances of lifelink on the same object are redundant.
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