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Magic 2014 Common

Event Information

Prerelease Events: July 13–14, 2013

Release Date: July 19, 2013

Launch Weekend: July 19–22, 2013

Magic Online Release: July 29, 2013

Game Day: August 10–11, 2013

Set Contents


  • ? Mythic Rare
  • ? Rare
  • ? Uncommon
  • ? Common
  • 249 Total


Release Formats

Booster Pack

  • 10 Common
  • 3 Uncommon
  • 1 Rare
  • 1 Land

Fat Pack

  • Player’s Guide with complete visual encyclopedia
  • M14 card box
  • Nine M14 booster packs
  • Eighty-card basic land pack
  • Special edition Spindown life counter
  • Two deck boxes

Intro Decks

Light Force (White)
Psychic Labyrinth (blue)
Bestial Strength (Green)

Fire Surge (Red)

Death Reaper (Black)

Event Decks

Comments on the set

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