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Mana is Magic The Gathering's energy, which is used in order to cast spells. Mana is most usually acquired by tapping lands.

In the world of magic, Mana is usually gathered in one of a few different ways that are mirrored in the card game.

  • Gathering power from the land itself. Most Mages in magic picture a certain spot from their memory, like mountains or an island or beach (...etc) and accumulate the magic in their mind. From there they can shape it into spells. This is shown through the tapping of lands for mana.
  • Powerful artifacts can supply power to fuel spells. on Ravnica, there are many artifacts infused with mana to make easier access. the most famous mana-making artifact is the Mirari. In the card game, the most powerful of these are the Black Lotus and the Moxes.

Although tapping lands is most common there are some creatures and artifacts that produce mana also. Each player has a Mana Pool in which they store energy.

Colors of ManaEdit

Mana comes in different colors, each having a different personality and produced by different lands.

  • White, the color of order, healing, justice, and light but also authoritarianism, subjugation and beaurocracy. It's produced by plains.
  • Blue, the color of knowledge, reason, and trickery, the elemental power is  water. It's produced by islands.
  • Black, the color of death, darkness, despair, selfishness, and amorality, but also individuality and ambition. It's produced by swamps.
  • Red, the color of chaos, destruction, war, and fury, as well as lightning and fire. It is the color of love and emotion, as well as freedom and warmth. It's produced by mountains.
  • Green, the color of life, nature, growth, instinct, and interdependence. It's produced by forests.

Hybrid manaEdit

The hybrid mana symbol can be of any combination of two colors, or any color of mana and two generic mana.

Phyrexian manaEdit

A phyrexian mana symbol can be paid with one mana of its color or by paying 2 life.

Converted mana costEdit

It is determined by converting each colored mana symbol in the spell's cost to 1, then adding the results to the colorless mana cost of the spell.

The only case in which a spell's converted mana cost can ever vary is for spells with Manax.gif in the mana cost. When an object with X in the mana cost is on the stack, X equals whatever value was chosen for it when it was put on the stack. In any other location, X equals 0.

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