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Martyr of Ashes

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Martyr of Ashes
Martyr of Ashes CSP
Coldsnap Common 
Cost: Mana R
CMC: 1
Card Type: CreatureHuman Shaman
Power/Toughness: 1/1
Oracle Text: Mana 2: Reveal X red cards from your hand.

Sacrifice Martyr of Ashes: Martyr of Ashes deals X damage to each creature without flying.

Flavor Text: She turns ash into flame and burns enemies to ash.
7/15/2006 Each card that’s revealed to pay the cost remains revealed until the ability leaves the stack.
7/15/2006 A card that’s already revealed for another cost or because of an effect can be revealed to pay this cost.
7/15/2006 If one of the cards that’s revealed to pay the cost leaves its owner’s hand before the ability resolves, it stops being revealed, but the value of X is not affected.

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