Morningtide is the 44th expert level set, and the 2nd and final set of the Lorwyn block. Shadowmoor will not be included in the Lorwyn Block as previously announced, instead it and Eventide make up the other half of the Lorwyn/Shadowmoor Superblock. Morningtide expands upon Lorwyn flavor and theme.

As revealed in an advertisement in the trade publication ICv2 and later confirmed by Mark Rosewater in his column, Morningtide expands upon Lorwyn flavor and theme by focusing on at least five classes (Soldiers, Shamans, Wizards, Warriors, and Rogues) as well as a few minor class-based tribes (Druids, Archers, Knights, Clerics, and Assassins) in addition to the eight races of Lorwyn (Kithkin, Merfolk, Faeries, Elementals [Flamekin and Greater], Goblins, Giants, Treefolk, and Elves).[3][4] Additionally, three new mechanics were keyworded with this expansion, namely; Prowl, Reinforce, and Kinship.[3]

Four preconstructed theme decks have been released as part of the set. The theme decks are "Battalion" (White/Blue), "Going Rogue" (Blue/Black), "Shamanism" (White/Black/Green), and "Warrior's Code" (Red/Green).[5]

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