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Mythic rare is the rarest of the rarity types. They can be recognized by the shiny orange color of the edition, on the right middle of the card. In a booster pack, you get one rare. The chance of opening a mythic rare in a booster pack is not very large, but if you do open one, it will replace the rare.

Most Mythic Rares have major Game altering-abilities, and are capable of either inflicting major damage to an opponent or having the maximum game-altering abilities. For example, all Planeswalkers are Mythic Rare (except for the cards Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, Ajani Goldmane, Garruk Wildspeaker, and Chandra Nalaar from the Lorwyn set), and so are all Praetors.

First Mythic RaresEdit

The first mythic rares appeared in the Alara Block. Mythic rares were invented partly because, out of the 50 to 100 rare cards in a set, some rares were considered too good to stay with the others. They were mostly invented however to drive sales of packs. There are generally between only 10 and 15 mythic rares in a set.

Mythic Rare Playing Value

Most mythic rares have abilties which are stunning and crushing. Cards like Hellkite Overlord and Godsire can blow away your opponents.

A mythic rare

However, many mythic rares have abilities that are considered too expensive or too "niche" to be considered playable.

Also note, most mythic rares are not usually cheap to cast (one exception is Dragonmaster Outcast). While they are usually a good deal for the immense power you get from casting it, they can be quite expensive at times! (Just take a look at Emrakul, the Aeons Torn or Progenitus - expensive, but look at the power.)

Also, most mythic rares are usually fairly easy to trade, much because of their rarity. Wurmcoil Engine, all of the Eldrazi, Darksteel Colossus, Gaea's Revenge, Progenitus, and especially Thrun, the Last Troll are examples of very tradable, playable mythic rares. The mentioned Progenitus considered by many the most powerful creature that exist, because it has protection from everything; however, its mana cost makes it a nearly unplayable card (2 mana points of all different colors).

Rarity of Mythic Rares vs. Previous RaresEdit

Because of the 1 out of 8 chance per booster pack, mythic rares are more rare than cards in previous non-mythic sets, despite the amount of rares per set in the older editions that would dilute the chance of getting a specific card. For example, if anybody was wanting to acquire a Damnation card from the Planar Chaos series, they would have a 1:50 chance of getting one from a single booster pack, since there is one rare per booster pack, and there are 50 rares in the series. However, to get a Lotus Cobra card, a mythic rare in the Zendikar series, a single booster pack only gives a 1:120 chance, since there are 15 mythic rares and a 1:8 chance per booster pack to get a mythic rare.

Here is a breakdown of odds in each set of getting a single rare or mythic rare card in a single booster pack:

Series # of Rares / MRs Odds
Ravnica 88 1:88
Guildpact 55 1:55
Dissension 60 1:60
Coldsnap 40 1:40
Time Spiral 80 1:80
Planar Chaos 50 1:50
Future Sight 60 1:60
10th Edition 121 1:121
Morningtide 50 1:50
Shadowmoor 80 1:80
Eventide 60 1:60
Shards of Alara 53 Rare

15 MRs



Conflux 10 MRs 1:115
Alara Reborn 10 MRs 1:115
Magic 2010 15 MRs 1:120
Zendikar 15 MRs 1:120
Worldwake 10 MRs 1:115
Rise of the Eldrazi 15 MRs 1:120
Magic 2011 15 MRs 1:120
Scars of Mirrodin 15 MRs 1:120
Mirrodin Besieged 10 MRs 1:115

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