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the symbol of the Phyrexian army, the ring is drawn first, starting from the top going counter-clockwise, then the strike, starting down, going up

The Phyrexians are a diverse race of varying horrors born organic from vats of dead rotting bodies called Birthing Vats, then slowly mechanized by having a surgical process known as phyrexis done onto them. The process of phyrexis, created by Yawgmoth, involves the steady replacement of organic limbs and organs with that of mechanical devices, to the phyrexians, the organic body is only one part of a powerful machine. The conversion of artifact creatures into phyrexians is a different process though. Horrors with mechanical body parts aren't quite considered fully phyrexian until all of their blood is replaced with phyrexian oil that can fuel both the machines on and inside the phyrexian, and the remaining muscle tissue on the creature.

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