Planeswalker Decks are a product that will be replacing Intro Packs.


Each set will have two Planeswalker Decks, each built around a different Planeswalker. Those Planeswalkers will be characters relevant to that block. Each Planeswalker Deck will be a preconstructed 60-card deck and will be packaged with two booster packs from that block with an MSRP of $14.99. The Planeswalker Decks will be released in each of the eleven languages that Magic is published in.

The decks will play into mechanical themes of the block, most often making use of a new keyword mechanic. The default will be that the decks will be two-color even if the Planeswalker is monocolor. (Remember that a "default" means that's what we will do most of the time, but we reserve the right to change things up if we feel a particular Planeswalker Deck wants to be different.)

The other big difference about Planeswalker Decks is that there's going to be five cards in each that won't be found in the expansion, but that will be considered connected to that block for Standard legality (meaning Planeswalker Decks will be playable in Standard).


  • One copy of a mythic rare planeswalker
  • Two copies of a rare spell that has an effect and also tutors for the specific planeswalker
  • Three copies of an uncommon permanent that is enhanced by having the planeswalker on the battlefield
  • Four copies of a common flavored to the Planeswalker
  • Four copies of an appropriate common dual land

List of Planeswalker Decks



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