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Planeswalkers are extremely powerful spellcasters that can be called upon for aid. According to Magic lore, the player is a "planeswalker," a wizard of extraordinary power who can travel ("walk") between different realms or "planes"; as such, planeswalker cards are meant to represent scaled-down versions of other players, with their decks represented by the card's abilities, and originally were designed to move through a roster of effects without player control, as though they had a mind of their own. Each planeswalker has a planeswalker type, which is a truncated version of his or her name. Most planeswalkers also has a rival planeswalker; such as Jace % Chandra or Garruk & Liliana. Only one planeswalker of each type may be on the battlefield at one time. If two or more planeswalkers with the same type are on the battlefield, both were put into their owner's graveyards. Though, such rule was changed in Magic 2014 allowing a two or more planeswalkers with the same type to exist on battlefield if not controlled by same player, and allow to keep one to remain in battlefield if same planeswalkers were under a player's control.


Planeswalkers' abilities are based on their loyalty, which is tracked with counters. A planeswalker card has a number printed in the lower right corner; this is its starting loyalty, and it comes into play with that many loyalty counters. The planeswalker's abilities each have a positive or negative loyalty cost; this is how many counters must be added (if positive) or removed (if negative) to play that ability. Abilities with negative loyalty costs may only be played if there are enough loyalty counters .

Planeswalker Damage

Although they are not creatures, planeswalkers may be affected by damage. Whenever damage is dealt to a planeswalker, remove that many loyalty counters from it. A planeswalker with no loyalty counters, either through use of its abilities or through damage, is put into its owner's graveyard. There are two ways to deal damage to a planeswalker. If a player uses any spell or ability that would deal damage to an opponent, the player may instead choose to deal the damage to one of that opponent's planeswalkers. Note that planeswalkers are neither creatures nor players, so most spells and abilities cannot target them directly. Additionally, if a player attacks an opponent who controls a planeswalker, the player may declare any or all of the attacking creatures to be attacking the planeswalker instead. Those creatures may be blocked normally, but if not blocked deal damage to the planeswalker instead of the player. Planeswalkers count as Permanents.

List of Known Planeswalkers

Other versions of common Planeswalkers

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