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Rat is an almost exclusively black creature type. The creature type is only shared with red and only on multicolored cards namely Hellhole Rats, Gobhobbler Rats and Sanity Gnawers.

Outside the Kamigawa block, rats are an occasionally used type for small black creatures in the lower mana ranges. Usually their power and toughness do not exceed 2 and rarely even exceed 1.


The usual standard ability of rats is a comes into play trigger discarding cards or forcing a card of the opponents hand another way.


A common ability among rats is the ability to swarm, meaning that they get a boost of power and/or toughness from other cards with the same name in play.


In Champions of Kamigawa and it's expanding sets, a sentient species of swamp-dwelling Rat people was portrayed as the main black non-human habitants of the plane. In particular they were portrayed as Ninjas but their ranks also include some Samurai.

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