The Ravnica block is the eleventh block.

It was released in 2005-2006 and consists of the following sets.



The Ravnica block focused on ten two-colour guilds, one for each two-colour pair.


Additionally, each guild has their own unique mechanic, a bounce land, a Guildhall, and a dual land. Here is a list of the guilds with their respective colours and mechanic.

GuildColour 1Colour 2MechanicBounce LandDual LandGuildhall
SelesnyaWhiteGreenConvokeSelesnya SanctuaryTemple GardenVitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree
GolgariBlackGreenDredgeGolgari Rot FarmOvergrown TombSvogthos, the Restless Tomb
DimirBlueBlackTransmuteDimir AqueductWatery GraveDuskmantle, House of Shadow
BorosWhiteRedRadianceBoros GarrisonSacred FoundrySunhome, Fortress of the Legion
OrzhovWhiteBlackHauntOrzhov BasilicaGodless ShrineOrzhova, the Church of Deals
GruulRedGreenBloodthirstGruul TurfStomping GroundSkarrg, the Rage Pits
IzzetBlueRedReplicateIzzet BoilerworksSteam VentsNivix, Aerie of the Firemind
AzoriusWhiteBlueForecastAzorius ChanceryHallowed FountainPrahv, Spires of Order
RakdosBlackRedHellbentRakdos CarnariumBlood CryptRix Maadi, Dungeon Palace
SimicBlueGreenGraftSimic Growth ChamberBreeding PoolNovijen, Heart of Progress
Ice AgeMirageTempestUrza'sMasques
RavnicaTime SpiralLorwynShadowmoorShards of Alara
ZendikarScars of MirrodinInnistradReturn to RavnicaTheros
TarkirBattle for ZendikarShadows over InnistradKaladeshAmonkhet

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