Rise of the Hobgoblins
Rise of the Hobgoblins EVE
Eventide Rare 
Cost: Mana RWMana RW
CMC: 2
Card Type: Enchantment
Oracle Text: When Rise of the Hobgoblins comes into play, you may pay Mana X. If you do, put X 1/1 red and white Goblin Soldier creature tokens into play.

Mana RW: Red creatures and white creatures you control gain first strike until end of turn.

Flavor Text: A river even the merrow dare not cross.
8/1/2008 When the enters-the-battlefield ability resolves, you choose the value of X, pay for it, and put the tokens onto the battlefield. You can activate mana abilities to pay for Mana X, but no one can cast spells or activate abilities in response to this choice.

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