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Augur il-Vec FUT

Augur il-Vec

Shadow is a keyword ability.


It is a static ability that means the affected creature can only block, or be blocked by other creatures with shadow.


Aaron is attacking with an Augur il-Vec and a Canyon Minotaur, and Natalie controls a Drifter il-Dal and a Grizzly Bears.

The only creature that can legally block Augur il-Vec is Drifter il-Dal, as they both have shadow. The Grizzly Bears does not have shadow so it cannot.

Similarly the only creature that can legally block the Canyon Minotaur is the Grizzly Bears, as the Drifter il-Dal has shadow.

Comprehensive Rules

702.27. Shadow

  • 702.27a. Shadow is an evasion ability.
  • 702.27b. A creature with shadow can't be blocked by creatures without shadow, and a creature without shadow can't be blocked by creatures with shadow.
  • 702.27c. Multiple instances of shadow on the same creature are redundant.

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