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Sigil of the Empty Throne

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Sigil of the Empty Throne
Sigil of the Empty Throne ORI
Magic Origins Rare Conflux Rare 
Cost: Mana 3Mana WMana W
CMC: 5
Card Type: Enchantment
Oracle Text: Whenever you play an enchantment spell, put a 4/4 White Angel creature token with flying into play.
Flavor Text: When Asha left Bant, she ensured that the world would have protection and order in her absence.
2/1/2009 The triggered ability will resolve before the enchantment spell that caused it to trigger.
2/1/2009 When you cast an Aura spell, you have to choose a target for it before this ability puts an Angel token onto the battlefield. In other words, you can’t play an Aura spell intending to enchant the Angel that will be created as a result.
2/1/2009 Casting Sigil of the Empty Throne won’t trigger its own ability. It has to be on the battlefield for its ability to work.

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