Skittles is a variant of the Highlander format.


Skittles is a 5-colour Highlander pauper-type format for Magic the Gathering, with decks built of a minimum 60 cards, 15 card sideboards, with the following card restrictions: You must balance all five colours and artifacts equally. So with six blue cards, you must have six B, W, G, R and Artifact too. Sometimes people add a couple more land and play ~62 cards. Gold/Split/Guild cards contribute half to each of the two colours they share.

No cards that have ever been rare may be played. For example, Urza's Armour is an Uncommon in Urza's Saga, but is rare in 8th Edition, and so cannot be played.


Skittles! Taste the rainbow in your deck!

No two cards may have the same name in a deck. This restriction is waived for basic lands, although common decency dictates that you at least use different pictures for each land...

No cards from the type 1 restricted list. That means the following cards are all banned in skittles, even though they're not (always) rare.

Specific cards:

  • Old sets with only two print sheets
    • This covers Arabian Nights, Antiquities, The Dark, Fallen Empires and Chronicles. Basically, the uncommon sheet has cards printed with different ratios, and so are listed as U1 or U2 and so forth, meaning they're on the uncommon sheet, once or twice or whatever. The sheets are then cut up and packed. For the purposes of skittles, the least common cards are deemed rare, this means Arabians U2 cards can't be played. For Antiquities and all the other sets mentioned, the U1 cards are deemed rare.

The Dissension Split Cards

  • (Supply/Demand, Hit/Run, etc). These are 3 colour card and so along with the dragon charms count as 1/3 of a colour each, so you must include either 5 or 10 of these cards in a suitable pattern. Only the allied colour ones matter, since the opposing colour ones are rare.

Timeshifted Cards

  • For now, these retain their original rarity, so there's still Avalanche Riders to contend with.

Strategy and Deckbuilding

Skittles is mostly about trying to make an inconsistent format, consistent. To that end, you will need to do some work on your manabase, it needs to support 5 colours effectively. Usually this is done through green landsearching and the use of non-basic lands.

The decks built in Skittles are not usually very strong. this is mostly because of lack or rares. also the complete balance is hard to work with so you cant load up on good WUBRG Cards from say, Conflux and win like that.

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