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Reason: Standard exists

Standard Format (previously known as Type 2) is the most common type of organized tournament.

Card Pool

The card pool is the set of cards that players can choose from to build their decks. Standard has a smaller pool than other major formats. Players may use cards from the most recent Core set and the 2 most recent expansion sets.

As of September 17, 2011 the current sets legal for play in T2 are:


The decks that players use must contain:

  • 60 or more cards
  • Only cards printed in the Sets legal for play in T2
  • Contain no more than 4 of any single card beside Basic Lands

Players may also use a 15 card Sideboard

This format is considered Constructed. Standard format tournaments are usually played as part or all of larger tournaments and is Sanctioned by DCI.

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