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Swift Justice (Intro Pack)

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Swift Justice is a White/Red Intro Pack from the Dark Ascension set. It contains 26 creatures, 10 spells, and 24 lands.

# Name Type P T Rarity
2 Elite Vanguard Creature 2 1 U
1 Forge Devil Creature 1 1 C
1 Stormkirk Noble Creature 1 1 R
Requiem Angel

Requiem Angel one of the two rare cards in the Deck.

2 Niblis of the Urn

1 Silverchase Fox

Stormkirk Noble: one of the two rare cards in the Swift Justice Deck.

2 Ashmouth Hound

1 Bloodcrazed Neonate

1 Torch Fiend

2 Midnight Guard

2 Niblis of the Mist

1 Fiend Hunter

1 Erdwal Ripper

2 Assault Griffin

2 Lightning Elemental

1 Night Revelers

1 Serra Angel

2 Markov Warlord

Other Spells (10)

2 Traveler's Amulet

1 Skillful Lunge

2 Burning Oil

1 Nightbird's Clutches

2 Rally the Peasants

2 Wrack with Madness

Lands (24)

12 Plains

12 Mountains

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