Sylvan Safekeeper
Sylvan Safekeeper JUD
Judgment Rare 
Cost: Mana G
CMC: 1
Card Type: CreatureHuman Wizard
Power/Toughness: 1/1
Oracle Text: Sacrifice a land: Target creature you control gains shroud until end of turn. (It can't be the target of spells or abilities.)
Flavor Text: "How could someone so small cause so much trouble?"


  • This card was designed by Olle Rade for winning the 1997 Magic Invitational Tournament and the artwork bears his likeness. However, Rade quit playing professional Magic shortly after that tournament without demanding his prize. When Rade made his comeback some time later, he asked Wizards of the Coast if he could still design a card. Wizards agreed under the condition that Rade, since having shaven his head, would be depicted in the artwork with long blond hair as he had when he won the tournament.
  • Due to the above circumstances, Sylvan Safekeeper was the fourth Invitational Card to see print despite Rade having won the first Invitational Tournament.

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