Timmy attacks with his Grizzly Bears (create). You have no creatures to block with, but you do have one Mountain untapped and a Shock in hand. After Timmy finishes declaring attackers, you may play the Shock targeting the Grizzly Bears. The Shock would deal 2 damage to the bears, killing them before they could deal any combat damage.

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on that case what if you had a spell on the board that required to be sacrificed in the idea of the grizzlies attacked and you had a spell to destroy an enchantment that powers up a creature. if you take three damage you die, the enchanment has to be sacrificed to do the extra damage, i disenchant the enchantment to stop the sacrifice from happening. can i disenchant the enchantment before it becomes sacrificed?

Provided that the enchantment does not say "can only be played at any time you may play a sorcery" or something to that extent, then they could sacrifice the enchantment in response to you playing disenchant. If they sacrifice first, then you cannot use disenchant in response since the enchantment is already gone (sacrificing was part of the cost of the effect, so that happens before any input from either player can be made). So, either way, the disenchant will not work, and the enchantment will power up the Grizzly Bears (unless, of course, your opponent does not sacrifice it to use its ability in response to you using disenchant, which generally would not happen when playing moderately experienced players). --Skizzerz 21:37, October 14, 2009 (UTC)

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