A group consisting of three Faries; Veesa, Iliona, and Endry . Faries of the Lorwyn Superblock are also referred to as "Children of Oona". When the Elf Maralen makes a pact with Oona, Oona places the Vendilion Clique under her direct control. Although like other faeries, their weapons of choice are needle swords, however, depending on who they are with they use different weapons. For example, Endry will use Yew Poison when with Colfenor's Sapling.

The clique plays a major role in the story line, originally being part of the group of of 8 heroes/adventurers. This group consisted of: Ashling, Rhys, Brigid, Sygg, Maralen, and the three Vendilions. They frequently kidnap, trick and confuse all the others in the group. After kidnapping Maralen, Maralen makes a pact with Oona, giving herself complete control over the clique. They are insuperable at the beginning of the story, but towards the end of the Lorwyn story, the start to drift apart. When the Aurora comes, being fairies they are some of the few not changed. With this said, all three go separate ways. Endry sides with the Sapling and stays back with his new found groundling friends(Fairies without or broken wings), Veesa Goes back to Oona, and Iliona sides with the newly revealed shadow of Oona: Maralen.

As the battle heats up, the fairies fight with each other. Endry kills many of the other faeries, and Veesa and Iliona lead armies against each other. Eventually Iliona kills Veesa but then is killed by the swarming armies around them. Endry finds them both dead. One of his wings was broken so he could not fly. He lays down between them and dreams. He never wakes up.

See also: Vendilion Clique

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