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    14:38, September 16, 2016

    What are some ways to piss of a judge without getting dq? Maybe some questions you can ask? I'm just curious.

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    • Firstoff, my question would be why you want to piss of a judge at a tournament? Annoying judges has no upside since the judge will dq you and probably remember you if you enter a tournament again, giving you a headstart into being dq again if you repeat the process.

      But I guess asking him/her constantly can get slightly irritating, especially if the information is not required to continue the game, like asking for the time every two minutes.

      Then again, every judge is a person and therefore acts differently, so stuff that could be irrelevant to one judge could have consequences with another one. Still, I would refrain from pissing them off.

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    • Oh I would never actually intentionally piss off a judge, I'm just curious.

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    • Please refrain from using mistakably offensive language on this Wikia.

      Thank you.

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